Sizing for Jacket & Coats


---Numbered Sizes are True Chest Fit Measurements according to inches.

---Lettered Sizes are 2 Numbered Sized fitting in one Jacket. Such as a Medium is usually a 38-40 inch chest.




If you have not Measured your Chest Area for proper sizing lately, then do so:

Its very Simple! The Best means to measure for men’s jacket and coats offered by American Mystique is to:

1.    First have someone assist you. You get a much better and more accurate measurement if someone else is doing the measuring.

2.    Stand tall and hold you arms slightly out and have a Tape Measure wrapped around your chest from the front.

3.    Bring the ends together  targeted all the way around and over the Front across the nipple area (your peck muscles).

4.    You may wear a shirt while being measured.

5.    For Sleeves, Measure from the center of the back of your neck where your T-shirt collar would be, and measure down to the first knuckle of your thumb (or what is called the snuff-box) 

6.    Most Regulars are 36” in the sleeves.

7.    Long sizes as a rule add 2” more in sleeve and body of jacket.

8.    Best rule is 5-11 or shorter buy a Regular Size unless you have a long torso and currently have a long arm length and are currently wearing longs. Most jackets are 27” in body length down the back from collar seam to bottom of jacket.  Old School Jackets back in the day (retro up to 1970s) were 25”inches in the body.

9.    Best rule for 6-0 and over is to get a long size.

10. The size you pick should be what you are comfortable with.  If you like “loose fit” then order a size larger.  If you like tight, then order true size.


Important Note on Modern cut A2 Leather Bomber Jackets:

The sleeves are already in long size for the Regular Size Jackets.  This prevents the old problem of Forearm Pullback that the older issue came with.

Questions on Size?  Ask in this form below: