American Mystique  USA Shipping -


Free Ground Shipping Purchases Over $150.00

Continental USA Special UPS Flat Rate Ground Shipping is Free for all Orders over $150.00.  This includes Normal Ground Rate - Insurance - Signature Required Costs. All Shipping Rates not USA Ground over $150.00, such as 2nd Day delivery are customer's choice and responsibility for payment.  Alaska & Hawaii or Canada not included.

Normal Ground Shipping -

1 - Items are normally shipped by Ground Carrier within 2 to 4 days with an official Carrier Delivery window of 4 to 10 days (pending weather conditions).  We are committed to a fair price for a great product delivered to our Customers for a reasonable amount without those high shipping costs.

2* - If an Order or Purchase is "Over $150.00" - We ship Your Purchase to You at the Billing Address.  This prevents a lot of Credit Card Fraud, and protects the Buyer!  It insures your purchase is delivered by the Carrier to your residence and not sent elsewhere by someone else using false information.   However, please note we do not ship to P.O. Boxes, even if the P.O Box is the Billing Address.

3 -2nd Day or One Day Delivery Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the Customer and added onto the Purchase Price of the Product.


All Return and Exchange Shipping is the full responsibility of the Customer, unless covered by specified instructions from AmericanMystiquecom.

It is the responsibility of the Customer and/or Shipping Recipient to insure a safe and secure shipment delivery address/site.

***Christmas Returns have a longer grace period, till  Midnight December 31st* to request a Return Authorization Number.  That way gifts can set under the Tree.  All Purchases between Nov 15th and Dec 15th qualify for this Special Christmas Purchase Return or Exchange Policy.  If other arrangements are needed for any reason or time period regarding any purchase for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, just let us know what is going on and why you need it.  We will be happy to assist your needs.


Please Take Note:  American Mystique refuses to ship to Motels, Hotels, Tarmacs, PO Boxes or any other form of Mail Box, or 3rd Party Shippers.  If any 3rd Party Shippers are the Billing Address, no shipment will take place.

American Mystique does not ship to Motels, Hotels, or to Tarmacs or some alternate Business next to Tarmacs.   This protects the Customer’s right to a secure a delivery as possible and to aid in the prevention of ‘Walk-Away Theft’ at the door or entrance.


All Return and Exchange Shipping is the full responsibility of the Customer, unless covered by specified instructions from American Mystique.

All Returns for Purchase Refund are subject to a $15.00 Restock Fee if and when necessary.

Note: You may want to insure your return; we cannot be responsible for Carrier lost, misdirected or damaged returns. Cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the Customer. If you paid for your order by credit card, a credit will be issued and will appear on your billing statement when the item has been returned and accepted. 

When you Request a Return Authorization Number, please indicate the reason for the return. Please note: Returns and Exchanges must be made within a 20 day period or the RA Number may expire.

Unauthorized Returns with no Return Authorizing Number are automatically rejected and sent back to the Sender. will only conduct business or grant such a request with the Original Purchaser of the product. Requests beyond the 10 Days from Delivery Date are not eligible for Return or Refund.

Shipping Carriers Notice:

A) uses Shipping Carriers, like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and others.  Once a Purchase is completed by the customer, their item is shipped to them.  Deliveries are signature required with no exceptions and Proof of delivery is needed. has no control over Shipping Carrier policies, practices, and/or actions and assumes no responsibility for Shipping Carrier Activity, Decisions, or Deliveries. assumes no responsibility for Carrier Delay due to weather and/or other causes.

 B) When Shipping Carrier Tracking shows delivery has been fulfilled to the shipping address through its tracking system, considers full delivery has been completed and the Purchaser has taken possession of the shipment.  Though some shipment tracking may not be available through some forms of United States Postal Service delivers, assumes no responsibility for USPS loss through misplacement or possible theft, and will assume delivery did take place (see B).

B)  It is the responsibility of the Customer and/or shipping recipient to insure a safe and secure shipment delivery address/site and is it not the responsibility of, or American Mystique to replace said article or product in case of loss due to misplacement or possible theft.

C) and/or is not responsible for items or purchases lost by the Shipping Carrier, nor liable for item or product replacement due to Carrier loss or Customer Loss due to stolen or misplaced items.    

CHRISTMAS DELIVERIES---All Purchases Dating from Midnight-Nov 15th to Midnight-Dec 21st  for Items intended or specifically held as Christmas Presents/Gifts for December 25th, are Granted Special Holiday Exchange for Size and/or Return Considerations Only until Midnight-December 31st.   No Exceptions from the stated Nov 15th to Dec 21st time period will be granted beyond the  End of Year DEC 31st Date.   Items Purchased After the December 21st Date still retain their own 10 Day Receipt clause.  Requests for Exchanges or Returns outside this time frame will ONLY be considered from their NORMAL PURCHASE AND DATE OF DELIVERY RECEIPT.  If you need more time, just contact American Mystique, explain your situation and we will try to accommodate your needs.

D)  For any suspicious transaction, retains the right to hold shipping for all items attached to said order until it is satisfied the transaction is correct and not fraudulent.

E) Notice of Canadian & International Customer Use of Third (3rd) Party Shipping Carrier

Once or if any Item is shipped within the Continental United States by original shipping carrier to a 3rd Party Shipping Carrier or Company, American Mystique considers the Item(s) purchased by the Buyer - "as Delivered in Full to the Customer" and a Fulfilled Transaction.    American Mystique assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for delivery, loss, theft, or any non-deliverable goods through any and all Third (3rd) Party Shipping Carriers used by the Purchaser.  Such action will be considered by American Mystique as an International purchase and there are no returns for any International or Canadian purchases.  Once any or all items purchases are delivered to another Company or Entity that intends to ship overseas, on behalf of the Customer, to any County other than the United States, American Mystique considers the purchase or item fully delivered to the Customer at that point.  

There are No Returns once a Third Party Shipping Carrier is engaged by the Customer by their own transaction, to take possession of the shipped item or Purchase for additional shipment to any destination outside the Continental United States.  At that point, the Purchase or item bought is considered by American Mystique a "Completed and fulfilled Transaction" and the purchased item the full responsibility of the Purchaser.