International Shipping

SHIPPING INFORMATION - International & Canadian

Note - American Mystique & The Flight Deck do not Sale or promote the Selling of Customer Emails and other Customer Personal Information. Neither does Big Commerce or any of our Suppliers. We are committed to protecting your personal information. In regards to the EU''s GDPR, We only retain the information required by U.S. Tax Law, Minnesota State Tax Law, and U.S. Banking & Credit Card Law and Regulations. Such as partial transaction information and shipping information. If you have established an international "personal account" with us, and at some point would like it removed, we are happy to do so for you.  



American Mystique uses UPS Standard International Shipping for its European Market.  Purchases are shipped to the Billing Address Only. For Most European Countries, Customers are charged a special UPS Express International Flat Shipping Rate by the weight: 

For 7 lbs = $74.00, 15 lbs = $92.00

Canadian Special UPS Flat Rate = most items up to 7 lbs ship for $27 to $29 through out Canada.

Expect Delivery once shipped (leaves Dock) in about one weeks time. Insurance and Signature Required Delivery are all ready in the Flat Rate Fee.

Using UPS marks the ability of the UPS System to insure a safe and firm Delivery to the Customer and the UPS Tracking System all through the shipping process.


*All Canadian and International Purchases or other payment transactions such as PayPal are required within the Shopping Cart provided by American Mystique.  However, please note that all Vat Fees and/or other extra Taxes are owed at the time of delivery must be paid on or at Delivery.

  • American Mystique assumes no responsibility or financial liability for delivery failure, loss, theft, or any non-deliverable goods through any domestic or foreign delivery entity or service that does not allow a tracking number to track the delivery path and delivery to the customer.  In short, once the package is out of the hands of the US Postal Service all accountability and tracking is lost and out of our hands.  The foreign Postal Service is responsible for lost or damage once they take possession after going through Your Customs Department.
  • To Protect our International Customers and their Purchase, American Mystique only ships to the Billing Address, no exceptions.
  • International Customers Need check first with their 3rd Party Shippers to learn if they will ship Leather Products such as Leather Jackets, Purses, Belts, or Leather Vests.  Many 3rd Party Shipping Services refuse any and all Leather Products for shipment anywhere.
  • Using a 3rd Party Shipper, as a Card Billing Address places all responsibility for purchase delivery on the 3rd Party Carrier or Service and on the Customer that secured this service. 
  • Once the Product Purchased is delivered by the Original Carrier’s (such as UPS or FedEx) to the 3rd Party Carrier Service, all responsibility for delivery through American Mystique and its chosen Shipping Carrier has been fulfilled, and American Mystique has fulfilled its duty and responsibility.
  • Responsibility in this manner falls totally on the 3rd Party Shipper as they provide a secondary or alternate billing address that is not a true billing address or residence of the actual customer.
  • American Mystique claims no responsibility for delivery of any purchase to the customer  beyond the initial delivery to the 3rd Party Shipping Service. Any disputes between the customer and 3rd Party Shipper is the sole responsibility of the Customer and/or the 3rd Party Shipper Service and not American Mystique.
  • Since American Mystique has no control regarding the 3rd Party shipping Entity as used by the Customer in the form of a Secondary and Unsecured Billing Address, the Sale is Final and American Mystique’s responsibility fulfilled and completed


An Noteworthy Real 3rd Party Shipping Service Example You need to Read:

  • Some 3rd Party Shipping Companies, such as “Shipito” or “EastBiz”, Sister 3rd Party Shipping Services with International Customers are located within the United States, refuse to “Ship” or “Deliver” any Item that contains any Animal Product such as Leather or Fur under any circumstances.
  • This includes leather jackets, shoes, belts, gloves, coats, and any product that would contain whole or part animal skin or fur.  American Mystique has received several complaints from International Customers who purchased a leather jacket and had it shipped to these two companies.  Delivery by Shipito and EastBiz was denied to the "Customers" under company rules, which were somewhat vague.
  • This created a real problem for the International Customer as their purchase was delivered to a 3rd Party Shipper whose employees refused to handle the product once the package was opened.  This meant their purchase was left open at the facility, exposed to possible theft or damage.  Worse, the International Customers involved were not notified by Shipito or EastBiz of the failure of their own Delivery or the situation.  Once they realized that delivery was not taking place, it was up to the International Customer to contact the 3rd Party Shipper and find out there was no way to reach any settlement or satisfaction.
  • So, we strongly recommend that if you have signed up with any 3rd Party Shipping Company, you check first on their shipping restrictions before you buy any leather product of any value.  
  • If you have not, contact Your 3rd Party Shipper and ask Questions before you buy!

American Mystique assumes no responsibility or financial liability for delivery, loss, theft, or any non-deliverable goods through any and all Third (3rd) Party Shipping Carriers used, contracted or engaged by the Purchaser (Buyer).

  • Such action using a 3rd Party Shipping Address as your “billing address” will be considered by American Mystique as an International purchase and therefore no returns for any International or Canadian purchases.
  • Once any or all items or purchases are delivered to another 3rd Party Company or 3rd Party Shipping Company or additional Entity that intends to ship overseas or domestic, on behalf of the Purchaser, American Mystique considers the purchase or item fully delivered to the Customer at that point of delivery to the 3rd Party Address or 3rd Party Shipping Company.
  • There are No Returns once a 3rd Party Shipping Carrier or Service that is engaged by the Customer by their own transaction, to take possession of the shipped item or Purchase for additional shipment to any destination outside the Continental United States.
  • At that point, the Purchase or item bought is considered by American Mystique a "Completed and fulfilled Transaction" and the purchased item the full responsibility of the Purchaser. 


To be safe and insure a proper delivery of your Purchase, American Mystique recommends that you purchase your shipping within our shopping cart.  We do not recommend any third-party shipping or purchasing through a third-party.


International Orders will be shipped to the Billing Address Only. 

  • However, with all International Sales, we will ship to your billing address Only. 
  • All Sales are Final, once Shipping takes place.
  • We will not ship to Motels, Hotels, or to Tarmacs or some alternate Business.


For Canadian Customers Only

  • All Purchases we suggest Canadian UPS Flat Ground Rate
  • Any other Canadian International Rates Apply as Received from UPS
  • All Canadian Orders will be shipped to the Billing Address only
  • Canadian Customers must pay Vat Fees before or at Delivery
  • If no, Customer Account will be charged for those Vat Fees.
  • Delivery will be UPS only
  • Choose Canadian Standard Ground or International Economy Rate
  • All Canadian Sales are final with no Return allowed. 


When required may have to have your order shipped to us before we can ship it to you. also reserves the right to use a different carrier (FEDEX OR UPS) if required, or for Enhanced Expediency.   Any increase in the Shipping Cost due to unseen requirements will be charged to the purchaser.


All International Sales are final.  INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS - NO Returns or Exchanges, or Refunds, or Refund Adjustments for any International Sales, Transactions, Purchases, or Claims.  All International Sales and Purchases thorough  are Final at the time of transaction.   Some Orders may require a lead production manufacture time for that individual order from 2 to 5 weeks, pending of the type of product.  If an International Order or Transaction cannot be delivered in 90 Days time, a Refund can be requested by Purchaser.

Note: Once a Product is assigned a shipping number or is in the process of shipping by the Carrier, no Refund can take place.   At that time the Order and Transaction are both final. retains the right to refuse Service, Sale, or Shipping to any Party, Customer, Entity, or Enterprise, Foreign or Domestic, whose purchase seems or is deemed suspicious or fraudulent in any nature.

Regarding Customs Fees & Taxes:

Any Purchase or Shipment refused by the International Customer at the Destination Country is fully the Responsibility of that individual International Customer. There will be no refund upon denial of payment for All Vat Fees and other custom fees that may apply.

  • Remember, the Sale and Transaction for said product is final in every and all aspects. 
  • Any and all Refusals on the International Customers part to Accept, and/or pay, and/or fulfill all Responsibility for any and/or all VAT, Duties, Taxes, Fees, etc. which may occur at the Destination Country, will result in the purchaser's  complete forfeiture of any, and/or, all monetary refunds and/or monetary reimbursements for the refused merchandise, in addition to all shipping and handling fees attached to the transaction.  
  • If American Mystique accepts in good faith any International Order and/or Purchase, and upon shipping that Order and/or Purchase in good faith, only to have the International Customer refuse and/or fail to accept delivery at the Destination country for any and/or all reasons, we regard that sale and delivery final. 

NOTE CAREFULLY – For any International or Canadian Customers who do fail to pay or ignore their countries VAT, Duties, Taxes, Fees, etc, - that sale is final and no refund is granted.