Our Security Policy for Trade, Sell, and Information. 

1.    AmericanMystique.com recognizes Customer Concerns and Worries over Credit Card Usage,  Fraud,  and  possible ID-Theft over the Internet.  We appreciate our Customer's concerns about Private Information and take every step to safeguard all information imparted to us electronically or otherwise.  Authorize.Net processes each transaction and your private information is never seen or viewed by outsiders, nor is it available to hackers.  All information processes and financial transactions take place within a Secured Area and Secured Server.  Our Shopping Cart is Authorize.Net Certified.

2.    AmericanMystique.com only requires the absolute minimum information for the Transaction to take place and to have the product shipped to you.     We do not sell or share your private information with anyone, corporate or otherwise, for purposes such as Prospect Lists, Advertising Lists, or Sales Demographics.     The only information released by AmericanMistique.com is the Proper Shipping Address to the actual Shipper so you can receive your purchase.

3.      AmericanMystique.com does not Trade, Sell, Give, or Share Individual, Group, or Business Customer Information or Demographics to any individuals or business for any reason other than shipping purposes.  AmericanMystique.com does not send or generate 'Spam' Email to it's Customers or the general Public.   If a Business or Agency is purchasing in Volume or Wholesale, you will be required to furnish a W-9 Form and other forms as required by the type of Sale.

4.  AmericanMystique.com does not Sell email addresses or send out 'Spam Email', or any such like Spam Attachments to it's Customers or to the General Public at large.   If you have any doubts concerning this issue, we urge you to call us 218-736-4570 to confirm any legitimate Email Message.  Any such "Bogus" Email has probably been a result of Spam Harvesting Search Software and is not a resulting product of or from American Mystique.

5.  AmericanMystique.com takes great Pride in its Customer Service.  Part of this Customer Service involves Email Contact with our Customers.  If Your Email is blocking out everything but highly trusted contacts, we will be unable to contact you by email.  We do not have the time to fill out 'Applications for Trusted Contacts' for each & every Customer.  

6.   All Shopping Cart Credit Card Transactions are initiated and fully submitted for funds capture at the Time of Purchase.   Businesses are only permitted to capture Card Funds within a set 30-day period.  After 30 days, no billing or funds Capture is allowed by the banking system.  Some Retail Stores, as a convenience for their Customers, allow their Shopping Cart, or their Employees to submit or capture Credit Card Funds at a later time or date, depending on merchandise shipments.  To do so, the Retailer must hold, delay, and store that individual Credit Card Data within their computer banks or some other Data holding area.  This simple convenience puts that Customer's Credit Card Information at very high risk for Theft.   AmericanMystique.com considers any convenience that puts our customers information at risk, no longer a convenience.