Men's Tanker Nylon Bomber Jacket

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Men's Nylon Tanker Bomber Jacket

The Nylon Tanker Jacket for Men - USA Made 

The Made in the USA Men’s Nylon Tanker bomber jacket has a grand history.  During WW II, the Tank Crews were issued a canvas jacket that came has become known as the ‘tanker jacket’.  This modern upgraded Tanker Jacket is an Insulated Nylon Bomber Jacket version, a modern replica but much warmer.  During the 1950’s, the military went to issuing nylon tanker jackets and the new Nylon Tanker Jacket was born.   It is really a weather beater!  The Men’s Tanker Bomber Nylon Jacket is bold in looks and just as bold for its utility.  A Warm insulated men's Jacket for those who require solid Multi-Purpose Use Jacket for their outerwear, but without a fur collar. Well, here is the Tanker Bomber Jacket in the very same dependable and renowned vintage body style, but shy of the fur collar. 

The Men’s Tanker Jacket has an added Removable Self Collar! Great for those who like a cooler neck line. Celebrated warmth in a superior looking light jacket that functions with multi-purpose use. A Nylon Tanker Jacket splendid for hard work or play! A true windbreaker Nylon Tanker Jacket keeps you warm and snug against the wind with 100% nylon quilted to 8oz. polyester fill. The Nylon Tanker Jacket is specifically Sealed from the cold air with a unique High Tech Poly-Urethane Coating and special Water-Repellent Finish! A men's jacket with Dual Collar use, Shoulder Epaulets, and Zippered Pocket on Sleeve with 2 pencil slots.   Fully Insulated Regular 27" Body Length and 36" Sleeves from middle neck to cuff. Longs are 2 inches longer in body and sleeve. For men or women who need the ultimate work jacket! American Made.

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