Men's Hooded Duck Jacket in Spice Tan

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Men's Spice Colored Hooded Duck Jacket

Hooded Canvas Duck Jacket in Spice/Tan 

Made in the USA, the Men's hooded canvas duck jacket with Raglan sleeve.   For decades, men have been working outside, chasing cows, hunting deer, working construction, going to work in the morning, riding their horse, chopping wood, hiking in the woods, or just driving to town for supplies.  Not to mention the many electricians and pip fitters that wear canvas duck on the job too.  Every hard working guy should have one and if he don’t ---his lady friend better get him one.  The classic American Canvas Duck Hooded Bomber Jacket so many hard working Americans wear and use every day.  Nice roomy fit for real comfort and ease of ware. When rugged workers demand the best, the Canvas Duck Hooded Jacket has answered the call over the years.

Whether for hunting, working outside, or in the garage, this long established icon of the rugged American Male has met all of the test and is still the first choice of outerwear.  Comes with hardy easy use slash entry pockets, a big strong brass zipper up front, and an handy inside pocket.  This is a full bodied and stout classic bomber jacket in Canvas Duck that can really hold back that wet weather and cold air.  Did we say classic? Yes we did, because this canvas duck hooded work jacket features that wonderful feeling diamond patterned thermal lining for extra warm protection outside at work, hunting, or just play. Comes in Spice/Tan.   Nothing beats a good warm Canvas Duck Jacket with Hood. 

Union Made in the USA for those who demand high quality and American wear! Made right here in the Midwest by folks who wear what they make for you.  Made in USA

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