Mens Blue B15 Nylon Bomber Jacket

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Men's B15 Nylon Bomber Jacket - Quilted Lining

Men's Navy B15 Nylon Bomber Jacket

The classic USA Made Nylon Bomber Jacket!  The designed Military aviator style Insulated Air Force replica B15 nylon bomber jacket. has always enjoyed the favored status of Police and other Government Agencies over the last 5 decades.  Clearly a civilian cut in a hard working man's jacket to beat back the cold.   Its predecessor came from WWII and the 1950's - it has never lost it popularity with the working folks.  Heavily quilted inside and specially treated to keep out the cold, the B15 nylon bomber jacket features a neck warming pile collar, knit cuffs and waistband to shut the cold air out.  Has a nylon flight satin shell with warm 8 oz polyester fill.  Plus, it has the outside sleeve pocket.  Many jacket styles copy this popular style that came out of WW II and soon captured the public’s imagination.   It is Military, yet sports a comfortable civilian styling that fits so many needs for a warm cold weather jacket. Never has there been a nylon flight jacket that has found a place in so many places as the men’s 9115 insulated nylon bomber jacket. Its beefed up quilted lining beats back the cold air and wind and has for generations. A true Jacket for Men, the B15 Nylon B15 Bomber Jacket is easily one of the most popular jackets in America for over the last 50 years! It's a vintage jacket that has topped outerwear design over and over again throughout the years.

Here is the original quilted jacket.  This 27" Deluxe B-15 Bomber Jacket is a must in men clothing, often seen on Service Personnel, Drivers, Police & Sheriff Agencies all over the United States. Why? Because of its outstanding looks and dependable warmth any winter work jacket should have! Pilots, Police, Fire Houses, Security Services, and Ambulance Drivers have counted on this light jacket for years.  It's Tough, It's Warm, It's Durable and Long Lasting like a men's jacket should be.  And Made in USA! Front & Back of this bomber jacket is specifically Sealed from the cold air with a unique High Tech Poly-Urethane Coating and special Water-Repellent Finish! It's Traditional insulated outerwear Styling fits the need of a man anywhere, anytime...  Regular 27" Body Length and 36" Sleeves from middle next to cuff. Longs are 2 inches longer in body and sleeve.  A Nylon bomber jacket with vintage looks, modern styling and design to keep you warm and looking great. Can be snug in the shoulders, so order one size larger for a better fit.  American Made.