Aircraft of the Month - B-24 Liberator

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The B24 Consolidated Liberator was actually built to present a more modern aircraft to replace the well-known B-17 Fortress. That did not happen. Taking to the skies in 1941, she however proved a well-timed one-two punch from the air with other bomber aircraft. There were many different models as well, even the U.S. Navy had their own type of Liberator to track down submarines in the Atlantic. Though many other aircraft used electronics, the B-24 made heavy used on Hydraulics in place of electronics. Her one drawback was the fuel stored in the wings which could start the entire plane on fire if hit directly. Yet, the B-24 proved a tough aircraft and was widely used all over the world by many nations. The B-24 doesn’t get the press and fame of the B-17, but the B-24 was a critical part of the 8th Air Force over Europe and was especially valuable in the Pacific War due to its long range capabilities.


Fun Facts for November


November 24th, 1775

The United States Marine Corps was established by the American Continental Congress as part of the U.S. Navy. In 1789, it became a separate unit.


November 24th, 1925

Actor Richard Burton was born in South Wales. One of greatest Actors of his time, however he never received and Oscar. His life was passionate but somewhat turbulent with alcohol and stormy marriages. He died at age 58. As an actor Burton was well known for his diction and spoke several languages.


November 1st, 1950

An unsuccessful assassination attempt against then President Harry Truman. The attempt was made by Puerto Ricans belonging to the nationalist movement.


November 28th, 1934

Baby Face Nelson was finally tracked down and killed on a farm near Barrington, Illinois. One of the 10 most wanted of his time.


November 23rd, 1859

Outlaw Billy the Kid is born in New York City! He moves west as a kid, and becomes a ruthless outlaw, killing many during the Lincoln County War. He was finally killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett.


November 24th, 1859

The civilized world is shocked with the publication of Charles Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection”. In his book, Darwin theorized that all things descended from a common ancestor and that Man came from the Primate Family (Apes). Controversy still remains today regarding Darwin’s claim on Man’s evolution from the Apes.


November 20th, 1943

U.S. Marines invade the beaches of Betio (pronounced Bay-cheeee-o) of the Tarawa Atoll in the Pacific. The Japanese Commander claim that a million men could never take Tarawa. In 76 hours, the Island fell to the Marines with over a 1,000 Americans killed and almost 5,000 Japanese. It was brutal fighting. In eight days, the entire Tarawa and Makin Island chain was taken from the Japanese.


November 18th, 1883

Charles F. Dowd proposed a uniform “Time Zone Plan” for the United States, consisting of 4 main time zones.


November 17th, 1734

“Freedom of the Press” was first challenged in court. The New York Weekly Journal Publisher John Zenger was arrested and charged with Libel against the colonial governor of New York. Later in trial, decided that ‘truth” was successfully used in Zenger’s defense. This turned out to be an important step in the later Constitution of the U.S. regarding free speech and Freedom of the Press.


November 17th, 1900

Composer Aaron Copland was born. Famous for Fanfare for the Common Man, Rodeo, and Appalachian spring, winner of a Pulitzer Prize and an Oscar for the Film score for the movie, The Heiress. An American Composer.


November 13th, 1942

The very day the USS Juneau is sunk by Japanese torpedoes during the battle for Guadalcanal. The sinking is well unowned because all five Sullivan Brothers, from Waterloo, Iowa, were lost either in the loss of the ship or later to sharks as the survivors waited for rescue. Following their deaths, the War Department prohibited close relatives from serving in the same unit, same ship, and even the same theater in some cases.


November 11th, 1918

In 1918, at the 11th hour, of the 11th day, in the 11th Month (Nov), as armistice was declared to end WWI. A Federal Holiday was declared in 1938 to honor the end of the war, but the old Armistice Day became known as Veterans Day. Veteran’s Day celebrates the history and devotion of all U.S. Veterans. In 1971, the holiday was moved to the fourth Monday in October. In 1975, after it was apparent the historical and patriotic significance was so great, President Gerald Ford signed a new law returning the holiday back to the November 11th. It is so declared to honor all U.S. Veterans from all wars.



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