American Mystique

Embroidery and Screen Printing Services

We can do Your Logos on Leather or Fabric! 


We can place your logo on any of our garments, whether fabric or leather.  Yes, we said Leather. 

Logo can either be EMBROIDERED (sewn into the fabric with colored thread) or SCREEN PRINTED (printed onto the fabric using special inks).

Plus we can do super larger orders or very small orders.  If you only need some Screen Heat Transfers, we can do that too!  Our Artwork and Embroidery Team does it right and we work to keep your costs down while providing you a 1st Class Product.

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Our LEATHER jackets can also be EMBOSSED (pressed into the leather). 

We also can MONOGRAM your name or initials. 

We offer one-stop full service: 

  • Artwork and design assistance
  • Digitizing and setup of computer file
  • Placement on garment
  • Ship directly to you

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The logo can be any size, from small emblem on chest, to full chest or full back. 

Minimum quantity: 

          Embroidery: 12 pieces 

          Embossing:   12 pieces 

          Screen Print: 48 pieces

          Heat Transfers: 15 pieces


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The American Mystique Embroidery and Screen Printing Team can handle whatever you order demands, front and back or sleeve printing too!

Contact us by Email through the Contact Form below,

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if we are busy, just leave a return number and we will get back to you ASAP!