CockPit 100 Mission A2 Bomber Jacket

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Men's 100 Mission A2 Bomber Jacket

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The 100 Mission Jacket in the Highest Quality Lambskin

The Vintage Lambskin 100 Mission Leather Bomber Jacket is a striking attractive expression for anyone looking to upgrade their appearance.   Pure and simple, this powerfully built 100 Mission A2 Vintage Bomber Jacket is a man’s jacket.  It’s built for a man who does not duck away from adventure and is willing to lay his footprint where others fear to tread.   

During WW II, the "battle worn" or vintage look of a pilot's or aviator jacket reflected his long dedicated service and rightly so, --that jacket became his prized possession. It was more than confidence too, the battle worn look is also the look of a job well done. Today, you can now emulate that '100 Mission Look' with this superb A2 Leather Vintage Lambskin Bomber Jacket that reproduces those very same mission types and action worn appearance.  When the Unique and extraordinary are called for, then look no further than the 100 Mission Bomber. 

The Type A2 Vintage Lambskin Bomber Jacket comes in a wonderful civilian cut, roomy in the shoulders and fit. Wow! It clearly an A2 leather bomber jacket out of the ordinary with its battle worn antique look, inside pockets and 2 Side Entry Pockets. With lambskin leather shoulder Epaulets presenting that excusive 'elite look', this is no ordinary Joe.

A vintage leather bomber jacket with both the comfort of vintage lambskin, and comfortable roomy fit all mixed into one spectacular package! Now you can go out to dinner with style. Made by Cockpit.  USA Made. 

* This Garment has undergone a Special Process which results in variations of Shading and Color. These Variations are Intended and Add to the Unique characteristics of This Particular Garment.