The Nylon Bomber Jacket – Its Long Civilian and Military Practical Use

The Nylon Bomber Jacket – Its Long Civilian and Military Practical Use

Posted by on 26th Oct 2014

Despite is long Military History, the Nylon Bomber Jacket features a long and very serious history with many Government Agencies. Its civilian and civilian service history is quite illustrious and studded with a national presence that many other jacket models never achieved.

Take the 9115 Nylon Bomber Jacket for men. It’s been more than well recognized by anyone who simply drives a car around town. If you have ever been stopped during winter, or seen anyone else who has been pulled over, you will remember the Officer in that 9115 nylon jacket he is wearing, in either blue or black. Yes, that particular 9115 Agency Jacket sports a badge and some even have reflective bands on them. Police Departments and Sheriff Departments have been wearing the 9115 Model Nylon Bomber Jacket for decades. Today, both men and women of our law enforcement wear the 9115 Bomber jacket more than any other style.

The 9115 Nylon Bomber Jacket is favored by law enforcement because of its warmth, lightweight, and its utilitarian use. If you notice, police wear thick belts with lots of gear and the 9115 Jacket allows them the room to use those belts. State Patrol Officers have favored this model jacket for its warmth as well.

The T20 Nylon Bomber Jacket for men is a direct descendent of the old clan as Tanker’s Jacket from WWII as well. Warmth was needed badly and a jacket was required to bring that warm in a lightweight style that could be worn while climbing in and out of a Tank or other such heavy vehicle.

During the Korean Conflict the jacket style came in for some serious upgrades. More Polyester fiber for increased warmth and some additions to the Military styling. The B15 Styling really took off and in many colors too, from sage green, to kaki, to sky blue and dark blue. It was that wonder but strange transition the Air Force was going through in the changeover in official issue apparel. As seen here in this vintage photo from Korea at the time, too men wear the upgraded Military B15 style and another wears the newer

‘snorkel’ style jacket that was just coming into its own. But the B15 styling has never quite been caught in the race to stay relevantin the civilian market. The Snorkel had a short stay in the overall market, but it has slipped into a small market for girls and college age women and even that market is shrinking for this style.

Law Enforcement took to the B15 and later Ambulance Crews adopted the jacket in various forms and upgrades. Soon, Bus Drivers and other civilian jobs starting to issue some form of the B15 Nylon Bomber Jacket for Men to their employees. The Nylon Bomber Jacket for men has also been a key favorite with Guard Companies as well. Some desire a fur collar and other want a plain collar. Sometimes patch pockets are desired or slash pockets are the order of the day.

The newer model B15 is the 9149 Nylon Bomber Jacket for Men. This is a Patch Pocket Model and a modern age favorite with all concerned. It is far warmer than anything in the past. It’s the same model jacket, but instead of heavy lining, it has a removable Liner that runs down the entire sleeve. Cold just does not get under this newer treated B15 Jacket. Police are wearing everywhere. This is another style that is being used on Cruise Lines, Bus Divers, and a lot of Service Agency that encounter cold winter weather. This is the serious upgrade from the older model 9115 or T20. Serious weather demands a serious warm jacket that can meet a lot of needs. It also meets the demands of the wearer, with a fur collar or not.

The Practical uses for the B15 styled jacket is many. Warmth is a key element in the use of any jacket, but as the military goes, so goes the civilian jacket market. Civilian styling is closely tied to the Military styling and it always has been since WW1 and the Wall Street adoption of the Military Trench coat for formal and winter wear with suit and tie.

The adoption of the Civilian use for the B15 has been an important element in the apparel industry. Fashion designers try to change it a little here and there, but the B15 Model of theNylon Bomber Jacket for men just defies all of their efforts.