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Shop Here for the Special Jacket or Coat you want! is the right place to shop for traditional and classic Bomber Jackets and Flight Jackets. Classic Leather Air Force A2 Bomber Jackets and traditional U.S. Navy G1 Leather Flight Jackets are available in many different premium leathers from Goatskin, to Cowhide, and Vintage Lambskin from our own label and the Cockpit-USA. The A2 Bomber Jacket is for Air Force Pilots and the G1 Flight Jacket is for Navy and U.S. Marine Aviators! And we offer a wide variety of Bomber and Flight jackets in both Issued Military Specs and in civilian cut.

And please check out our wonderful B3 Shearling Bomber Jackets made from the finest sheepskin pelts from the USA and France. Vintage style and classic B3 Bomber Jackets as worn by our B17 Flying Fortress Crews in Europe, and B29 Bomber Crews in the Pacific. We also include the ever popular General’s Jacket that was worn by General’s Patton, Bradley, and Hodges, including many more officers in the European Theater. But, don’t miss the RAF Shearling bomber jacket, as it was worn by the defenders of England’s blue skies. We offer made in the USA, plus some imported civilian styles.

Don’t forget to browse through our wonderful Nylon Bomber Jacket style line, from our best selling USA Made civilian 9149 and the 9115 nylon jackets all the way through to our Military Nylon Jackets. The 9149 Nylon Bomber Jacket has a duel collar and a removable Liner that goes down the sleeves to keep you really warm and the classic 9115 has a fur collar with quilted lining with slash pockets. The Nookta Jacket is also a grand weather beater as well with special inside lining. Plus, we now offer several waterproof jackets as all. These nylon jackets are true weather beaters.

Traditional Parkas are here, in Nylon and in leather too! Traditional looks and styling from trench coats to leather parkas for men and women. Handpicked because they are traditional and there excellent design is still very popular. Again, we have USA Made and Imported values here.

You can also read up on how to buy a leather jacket or coat, learning what kind of leather you are purchasing and if you are getting a fair price. Catch up on the different kinds of leather coats and jackets that are made and offered in today’s market.

Hoodies and Duck Jacket are always popular too. Straight color or camouflage colors are available.