Patton made the General's B3 Bomber Jacket famous.

Bradley, Hodges, and Patton made the General's B3 Bomber Jacket famous. This garment is made in the United States of America. No other jacket has the special look to it that the look of 100% sheepskin and (arm) horse hide supports give. Daring and rugged people, you should buy this jacket. The General B3 Bomber Jacket is in demand and known around the world. You can enjoy a jacket that has been reproduced in painstaking detail. This Bomber made of Sheepskin was known as the "Patton" B3 Bomber jacket.

For high style, extreme luxury, and warmth during the winter, you need the General B3 Bomber Jacket. It is made from American Sheepskin pelts that were specially chosen for texture, warmth, and "lush" thickness. Each garment is individually cut by hand, stitched together, and finished. Shoulder rank epaulets are included, outside leather arm reinforcing protection made of the leather from horses, and hand warmer pockets (side entry,) are all special features on this jacket.

Are you longing for an unique and jacket with a defining look? If the answer for this question is yes, then know that the Generals B3 Aviator Bomber jacket is the outerwear you need. This coat is for good looks and warmth, but it is actually much more. It is a jacket you have been yearning for because you are a man who "gets the job done." Owning this special nod to the history of famous generals are a reward to yourself for achieving and working hard. If you are rugged, and daring, it is the jacket for you.

At one time or another, the Generals (Hodges, Bradley, and Patton,) all wore a B3 bomber jacket. This is the one, however, that became famous. If you want to look like you walk in the sky, buy the General B3 Bomber Jacket. Enjoy one of the most sought after jackets known throughout the earth: the B3 Shearling Bomber. If you have the desire for a jacket that communicates who you are, then this is the coat for you. This item is manufactured by CockpitUSA in America. In larger sizes, the prices will vary.

A Special Process is used in the manufacture of this garment that creates variations of color and shading. This is intentional and is meant to add to the Unique look of this special jacket.

Look at the General B3 Bomber Jacket.