Offshore Christmas Goodies & Needful Things

Posted by American Mystique on 13th Oct 2021

Offshore Christmas Goodies & Needful Things

Offshore of U.S. ports are Tankers and more Tankers, stacked with thousands of containers, waiting to be offloaded. Aboard is many of your Holiday gifts and other needful things for our economy, many needful things that are no longer made in the United States. And they are not going to be unloaded anytime soon. Their stacked up because of a lack of dock workers. And it has been just announced that 4.2 million American Workers left their jobs just in the month of September, 2021. Yes, that is last month. How many this month, or in the coming winter months? Discount Stores always go through layoffs after Christmas. Ouch!

President Biden has begged the Arabs, and the Russians for Oil and Gas. This after shutting down U.S. build Pipelines and Canadian Pipelines.

Ask yourself: What do you own that does not come or is used from Oil? Answer: Not one single thing. Nada. Nothing.

What job is not Oil related? Not one. Nada. Nothing.

Even your cloths are made from Oil, or Oil is needed to run the machinery, even for a simple made cotton tee shirt. Hats, high fashion, even low fashion. Its all Oil driven. Even the runway the models sashay down swing their hips. Oh yes, their footwear and your footwear all come from Oil.

You can’t even brush your teeth with Oil. The brushes are made from form of plastic, plastics made from Oil.

Your computer, your vehicle, gas or electric, is made of material that all come from Oil.

Paper clips – yeah, they need that oil or you don’t get any.

You ear buds, or head phones, all from Oil.

Your roads are Oil as well. That Tar comes from the ground, kid.

No Oil, no air travel either.

No Bicycles either.

And those American Farmers need lots of gas and Oil to grow that food that You buy at the grocery store, even the simplest and cheapest tasting hotdog, needs Oil to be made.

Your house’s roof is made from Oil.

Much of your furniture is from Oil.

Everything is Oil, Everything! You shut down the economy when you shut down Oil supplies and that is exactly what President Biden has done.

You can’t even create a job division without Oil.

And those delivery trucks, you know them, UPS, USPS, FedEx, electric or gas, they have moving parts. Moving parts want Oil.

Semi-trucks drink fuel and lots of Oil and grease. And where do you think any grease comes from – Oil.

Years ago, before the American Civil War, the South mistakenly called “Cotton is King” because of American and European use of their cotton.

Today, American runs on Oil. Oil is King, not only hear, but throughout the entire world. Without Oil, the entire world stops in its tracks. It doesn’t matter if want to hug trees, or save some little owl, or just want to stop emissions to a decent level or entirely.

Oil – “it’s the stuff that dreams are made off” – Humphrey Bogart famous line in the 1941 film The Maltese Falcon.