​American Made Nylon Bomber Jackets

American made Nylon Bomber Jackets have always enjoyed high popularity among customers over the last 50 years. This is a great reason why you should have one of these stylish jackets hanging on your shoulders this winter. This classic piece of outerwear still has a military design with a few modern twists added into the overall look. Depending on how you wear the collar, it looks like a navy G1 or the A2 Bomber style.

The B15 was a legendary jacket with lots of style. The American made Nylon Bomber Jacket (9115,) was made as a replacement for the B10 and B15 flight jacket models worn in the WWII era. The nickname "B15" has continued to be used as the market description for this type of nylon bomber jacket.

One difference in the 9149 Nylon Bomber Jacket is the removable quilted liner that makes the jacket comfortable in both cold and mild weather. Government groups (like Swat Teams,) and police agencies have taken advantage of this jacket because of the versatility and adaptability of the 9149. The new version of this jacket makes it easy for members of these law enforcement teams to wear holstered concealed weapons and protective vests.

Warmth and style are modified when you remove or put on the fur collar that comes with this jacket. Attach the fur collar and the liner when you need extra warmth, or take them off when the weather is pleasant. Just because it has removable pieces, you should not assume that this piece of outerwear is in any way inferior. The 1949 is a solid, burly, and well built garment. From its creation, production, and distribution, the 9149 Nylon Bomber Jacket has proven its durability with state patrol agencies and police departments.

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