​American Made in the difficult Women’s Apparel Market

Many women are trying to turn to the made in USA Label, but are finding a hard time finding any apparel or brand name apparel that is actually made in the states. The production floors for such apparel do not exist in the state any longer.

Recognized brands, and super discount stores, like Walmart, Target, and others have all moved to Chinese or other third world sweatshops to produce the heavy bulk of women’s apparel, from t-shirts, underwear, bras, bathing suits, leather coats and jackets, purses, shoes, and including 99% of the high-end fashion luxury Items for women. And the notorious teenage girl market is flooded with every foreign made product dealers can produce out of thin air. All foreign made and much of it produced in sweatshops by child labor (economic slavery). For every known established Asian factory, there are another 2 dozen sweatshop production floors producing farmed-out orders. And European and American shoppers buy it all up. However, when women try to find something similar made in the USA, they can’t find it on the shelves or on the hangers.

What is the reason for this? The fashionistas of the women’s apparel market are famous for their market predictions and opinions. “They say women are forever gullible and will by “New” every six months to a year and replace their ward-robe.” So why make it to last? “Women are bargain shoppers and will not pay for American made goods.” “Women look for the cheapest and do not care that much for quality, just if it looks good on them.” This the Women’s fashion market’s attitude towards women who shop. Their take is women want “bargains” and “steals” when they go shopping. Their take is women are not all that interested or fussy on quality. If it fits, and they like the way they look in it, they will most likely buy it. The quality and durability of the item will not be a deal killer.

That is why women’s leather jackets and coats never approach the quality and superior features of high top grain leather products. That is why women usually buy the brand attached to the item, and pay little attention to the real value of the leather. This also goes for shoes and purses.

Instead, women are offered less valued New Zealand lambskin rather than French Lambskin. This why women pay top dollar for a high priced Italian brand purse, made of cheap Chinese Pig Nappa, dyed and printed to appear as something else. And the risk is also great that the same high fashion Italian purse was really made in Malaysia in a shadow sweatshop. It’s easy to switch labels.

Plus, if you like a fur collar on your jacket or coat, you might be paying for something other than what is claimed. Artificial Fur is so close to many of the original pelts, you might not be able to tell the difference. Or it could be a sham, an imported fur that is dog or cat, or rabbit, used as a fake substitute. Just be careful shopping out there. Women need to shop smarter and start demanding Brand Name accountability.

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