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Since 1999, has offered Men the best in Military Leather Bomber Jackets that the USA has to offer.  We understand guys want the best fit and fabric. That is what we strive for. We offer as many products for you as we could find that were made in America.

You can choose from many different Military Leather Jackets that suit your taste of fit your idea of manhood.   There is something uniquely masculine about the jackets you can purchase on our website, such as Nylon Bomber jackets and the Sheepskin B3 Bomber Jacket made in the USA.

We are U.S. Veteran owned and operated, and understand the unique energy created by our compelling styles.  Yes, we sell genuine quality American-Made Leather Bomber Jackets, yet we offer you a lot more in our selections.  There are the classic styles and the more modern brand name articles, all geared to handle the many jobs men undertake, and made to travel the roads men trek.  When weather hits, men need a jacket or a coat that is more than just something over their shoulders.  They need a partner to keep the cold and wind from the marrow of their bones, to allow them the endurance to get the job at hand done.  That partner is what we offer you here.

We offer Made in USA, however we also offer up some high quality imported Brands as well and American Mystique look for high quality in those products that men need when they are on the job, going out to dinner, or just casual wear. 

To purchase items you may call us at 218-736-4570 from 9:00am through 5:00pm or use our handy Shopping Cart for your needs. In Minnesota there is NO SALES TAX on Apparel, including jackets. So you will not be charged any State Sales Tax. 

While most retail orders are processed in 24 hours, our goal is to ship your order within 1-4 business days. If an item is temporarily back-ordered or out of stock, we will notify you as soon as we can by phone or email.

Note - American Mystique & The Flight Deck do not Sale or promote the Selling of Customer Emails and Customer Information. Neither does Big Commerce or any of our Suppliers.

Leather Jacket Repair & Restoration

Often folks contact us concerning an older leather jacket that is a treasured or prized heirloom, something Dad wore in the Service, or just a special Leather Jacket they purchased years back and is now showing serious wear.   Although we do not do perform such repairs or restorations, we recommend Willow Evans for all repairs and restorations of leather jackets.    Willow does meticulous work, ---repairing webbing, zippers, collars, cuffs, snaps, and even difficult leather restoration.   Even old dried out Leather can actually be restore to its original state or close to it.  So, if you do have an aged or damaged jacket, directs you to Willow Evans, a full Tailor specializing in the repair and restoration of damaged Leather Jackets, be they Bomber or Flight Jackets, or even prized Motorcycle Jackets and Vests.

Contact Willow Evans at:
Tel: (615) 428-1391
Willow Rose Evans
110 South Central Ave 

Centerville, TN 37033

Please feel free to contact us about your experience with Willow.    

Please note that Willow Evans is independent from American Mystique and nor is she affiliated with

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